Seitan Piccata

I’d printed this seitan piccata recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen website a while back and finally got round to making it. …

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Panko crusted BBQ tofu

Panko Crusted BBQ Tofu

Since finding out a few weeks ago that tofu is transformed if you press it to get all the water out, I’ve …

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Tefal Infiny Press Juicer

Win A Tefal Infiny Press Juicer!

As you’ll have seen, lately I’ve been making the most of my juicer. Fresh juice is delicious, healthy and the varieties are …

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Microwave Hummus

I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve never been able to make hummus as nice as the ones in the …

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Bread machine seitan

Bread Machine Seitan

I wanted to make some seitan yesterday but couldn’t muster up the motivation to do all that kneading and stuff. So, I …

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