El Medano Tenerife

Vegan Eating in Tenerife

Vegetarian – let alone vegan – food is difficult to find abroad and now I’m back from my short break in El Medano in Tenerife, I wanted to let you know how I got on finding vegan food there. I’m going to say now though that I hadn’t planned on being vegan …

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Vegan smoky butter bean hotpot

Vegan Smoky Bean Hotpot Recipe

While flicking through my Easy Vegan cookbook, I came across a recipe for Smoky Hotpot of Great Northern Beans. It looked tasty in …

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Caffe Nero vegan hot chocolate and wrap

Veganuary: Two Weeks In

Two weeks of no dairy or eggs. Two weeks of no alcohol. Two weeks of exercising every day. And have I lost …

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